Contractor Services

Below appear some of the contractor services that we use in undertaking the management of our blocks. 

We are impartial in our choice of contractors, though ongoing relationships offer continuity and reliable pricing;
however we can use contractors chosen by lessees, if preferred (outside of Section 20 Consultation).

These will cover area such as:

  • Carpets & flooring replacement & cleaning
  • Communal cleaning services
  • Mechanical services mechanical (lifts & gates)
  • Fire alarm & emergency lighting maintenace & repairs
  • Roofing
  • Drainage
  • Handyman services
  • Landscaping & routine garden care
  • Letting Agents
  • Locksmiths & door entry systems
  • Morgages consultants
  • Painters & decorators
  • Surveyors & valuers
  • Conveying & leasehold enfranchisement solicitors

If you have any questions please contact us for more information.